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Soft Landscaping from Bawden Managed Landscapes

Bawden Managed Landscapes team knows their Aquilegia from their Achillea and will create and maintain beautiful eye-catching, colour coordinated, flower and shrub beds that will give endless, year-round pleasure.

Seed and Turf Bed Preparation by Landscape Gardeners

Good old fashioned plant recognition is all too lacking amongst landscapers these days with often inappropriate plants being recommended in order to follow design trends.

Landscape Gardeners Planting Trees and Shrubs

Other disciplines that fall within the soft planting remit include:

  • Planting and establishment of semi-mature trees and specimen shrubs
  • Instant hedging
  • Establishment of seeded or turfed grass and wildflower areas
  • Design and planting of perennial borders and annual flower beds
  • Design, planting and maintenance/irrigation of hanging baskets, patio tubs and window boxes

 Beautiful grounds say much about the organisation to which they belong and are a source of motivation and wellbeing for those who are able to enjoy them, whether staff, students, patients or members of the public.

Tree and Hedge Planting by Bawden Managed Landscapes

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