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Specialist Weed Control and Pest Control

Specialist weed control; nowhere is it more important to use highly trained, qualified and fully accountable staff than on contracts requiring the chemical control of weeds and pests.

Bawden Managed Landscapes, as a full contracting member of the prestigious British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI), ensures all weed and pest control activities are carried out by trained personnel in line with the Code of Practice for using Plant Protection Products. NPTC PA1, PA2A and PA6 Certificates of Competence are held by team members engaged in our Weed & Pest Control activities and state-of-the-art spraying equipment is used as appropriate to the task.

Bawden Managed Landscapes Complete Weed Contol

Our service includes:

  • Total weed control
  • Selective control of Ragwort, broadleaf and industrial weeds
  • Management of alien invasive species, e.g. Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, Himalayan Balsam
  • Moss and algae control
  • Worm control
  • Forestry weed control
  • Bracken management

As an ISO 14001 accredited company, Bawden Managed Landscapes places great importance on limiting the use of chemicals wherever possible. To this end, and where appropriate, it encourages the use of weed control membranes and natural mulches to control weed growth. We will always offer advice on alternative weed control methods when and where appropriate.

Total and Selective Weed Control in Hampshire Bawden

Bawden Managed Landscapes deliver complete weed control services across Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.