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Sports Pitch Aeration - Verti Draining Services

Compaction is a perennial problem for sports pitches where amenity turf can suffer from a combination of heavy usage and extremes of weather. Deep loosening of the ground, using hollow tine aeration, is an extremely successful treatment, resulting in a well drained, healthy sward that is safer to use and more wear resistant.

Bawden's Terra Spike XP/210 verti-drain equipment is ideal for golf courses and for soccer, rugby and hockey pitches. The verti-drain unit is tractor-mounted and has a working width of 2.1m. It can be quickly adjusted and calibrated to achieve the correct depth and degree of 'heave' suitable to treat the varying conditions across the pitch or grassed area.

Verti draining Aeration Contractors Bawden Wiltshire

Our verti-drain equipment is supplied with an operative on a half day or daily rate - up to four pitches can be treated in a day, depending upon required holes per square metre. Twice yearly treatment is recommended to keep the turf in optimum condition.

In addition to deep aeration more routine activities such as; surface aeration, scarification, rolling and top dressing can also be delivered by Bawdens either as part of a full maintenance contract or as one off individual works. 

Click here to down load a fact sheet that provides detailed information regarding our 'Terra Spike' unit.

For further information on pitch aeration, or to obtain a quotation, please contact Steve Viney on 01980 622185 or 07721 575903.  Alternatively email