Rock Salt Grit Suppliers | 25kg Bags |Delivery Nationwide

Rock Salt supplies from Bawden Managed Landscapes

Bawden supplies rock salt or grit in easy to manage bags (approx 25kgs). Both Brown and White rock salt grit are available; 'Brown' a perfect rock salt for de-icing roads, pathways and car parks or 'white' salt where a less messy solution is required.  Purchase direct from Bawden Managed Landscapes via our Wiltshire outlet in Mills Way, Amesbury, near Salisbury.  

Bawden offer free delivery on orders throughout Wiltshire as well as Nationwide. Those areas where supplementary charges apply are detailed below. 

Brown Rock Salt Pricing:

40 bags - £200.00 plus VAT.

30 bags - £184.50 plus VAT.

20 bags - £160.00 plus VAT. 

1 x 950kg Bulk Bag - £165.84 plus VAT.

'White' Salt Pricing:

40 bags - £233.33 plus VAT.

20 bags - £137.50 plus VAT.

10 bags - £79.16 plus VAT.

1 x 950kg Bulk Bag - 187.50 plus VAT.

Customers are welcome to visit our Amesbury Wiltshire premises to collect salt and grit supplies.  Single 25kg bags of Brown Rock Salt are available for collection at a cost of £5.65 including VAT.

In addtion to rock salt and grit Bawden also supplies grit bins, snow shovels and other winter maintenance equipment.

200 Litre Grit Bin - £168.00 including VAT

400 Litre Grit Bin - £210.00 including VAT

Order rock salt and grit supplies now - telephone 01980 622185 - all major credit cards accepted. Remember FREE delivery